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Why do Bats hang upside down?
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Why do Bats hang upside down?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

Halloween is around the corner! Can you guess which nocturnal creature makes its appearance on Halloween costumes and decorations?

They fly like birds, can see very little in the dark and they hang upside down from tree branches or caves?

Yes, they are the nocturnal creatures called Bats.

Ever wondered why these flying mammals hang upside down? What if you try to hang upside down from a monkey bar? Won’t you feel dizzy when you stand up later?

Hanging upside down is an excellent way for the bats to avoid predators. It provides them with an optimal position to take flight if they are attacked.

Why don’t Bats fly like normal birds?

Bats are mammals that have one of the heaviest wings. They cannot take flight when standing in an upright position. As their wings are heavy, they do not give bats the sufficient lift when they are standing like birds.

Another reason for these poor little creatures is that they have underdeveloped hind legs. Like an aeroplane which runs before taking a flight, unfortunately bats cannot do so. Bats would fall off if they try to run and then take a flight.

Thus, bats are happy to hang upside down from attics, caves, bridges and other such places.

How do Bats fly?

Bats use their claws to climb to a high spot and then hang upside down. When they have to fly they let go, drop down and in the middle of their drop they take a flight. When bats are sleeping they hang upside down as it means they can easily take a flight if attacked by predators. Hanging upside down is also a great way for bats to hide from predators.