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Chess Tips and Tricks

Sports | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

6 Tips to become a Chess Champion

  1. Always remember the value of each piece. Do not worry about your opponent acquiring more of your pieces. If the value of the pieces you have acquired is greater than your opponent, you are at an advantage. Pawns are the lowest in value. The queen is the most powerful of all pieces. So if you acquire her, you have an advantage.
  2. Do not bring out too many pawns. Bringing out most of pawns at the beginning of the game gives a chance to your opponent to attack your powerful pieces like the bishops and the knights.
  3. Get your bishop and knight to the center of the board. In this way you will have an advantage over your opponent and have enough space to attack your opponent. For instance, if your knight is placed at the center of the board, you can cover eight squares. But if it is placed at the corner it can only move two squares.
  4. Do not move the pawns in front of your king. Always keep an eye on the opponent’s piece that might be stealthily coming towards your king.
  5. Do not touch your pieces and then think ‘maybe this move will work.’ It will show the opponent what you are thinking as well as make you the weaker player.
  6. Keep some of your pawns for the end game. If a pawn goes to the other side of the board, away from you, that pawn gets promoted to a queen and then you have an advantage.

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