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Sandeep Singh

Sports | 9-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Sandeep Singh – Profile and Biography

Sandeep Singh (1986 – ) is an Indian field hockey player and former captain of the Indian hockey team. Sandeep is a penalty corner pro and plays the position of full-back during regular play.

Singh is from the town of Shahabad in Haryana. His elder brother Bikramjeet is also a hockey player. In 2009 he took over as the captain of the Indian team but was succeeded the following year. Sandeep is an ace drag-flicker. This is where the player crouches low and raises the ball on the shaft of the stick. He then pushes it along the ground in a slinging action at high speed. Singh currently has one of the fastest actions where the ball achieves maximum speeds of 145 km/h.

Singh is an inspiration to athletes and people all over. After being temporarily paralysed by a gunshot wound 2 days before he was to travel with the Indian national team to Germany for the Hockey World Cup in 2006 he spend 2 years in a wheelchair. However with physiotherapy and extensive training got him out of his chair and back onto the field. He will be joining the Indian hockey team in London 2012 for the Summer Olympics who had not qualified for the past 2 Olympiads.

Sandeep Singh’s Events

  • Men’s field hockey (full-back)

The drag and flick is one technique used for penalty shoot-out in hockey. Find some other techniques that are popular and used at shoot-outs.

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