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Football Fun Facts

Sports | 7-13 yrs | Animation, Video

10 Interesting and Unknown Facts about Football

  1. Football was first played in London’s Newgate Prison. Here the prisoners whose hands had been mercilessly chopped off, invented a game where the ball could only be kicked with their feet.
  2. Football was made of paper mache originally, before people realized that rain damaged the ball. Then, they changed its material.
  3. 149-0 was the highest score in a football game played between AS Adema of Madagascar and Stade Olympique de L’emyrne. It was all scored as penalties!
  4. A teenage boy called Ronaldinho scored the entire 23 goals in a football game! His remarkable accomplishments with the football earned him one million viewers in the YouTube video of his feat.
  5. 20 red cards were issued in the game between General Cabellero and Sportivo Ameliana! We wonder how many players were left to play.
  6. The Indian football team did not play in the World Cup in 1950; as FIFA did not allow barefoot play.
  7. Guiseppe Meazza’s shorts fell off as he was taking a penalty shot for Italy in the World Cup semi finals of 1983.
  8. Ion Radu from Romania was sold for a measly 500 kgs of pork to another team.
  9. The war between El Salvador and Honduras happened because the former had beaten the latter in a football game, and had thus advanced to the World Cup.
  10. A lightning bolt killed an entire football team in the Republic of Congo. The other team was completely unharmed. 30 others had burn injuries.

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