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Cloud Gate aka The Bean

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Animation

Where is Cloud Gate Located?

Can you see the Bean behind me? I’m in front of the Cloud Gate, at Millennium Park, Chicago! Also known as The Electric Kidney Bean, Cloud Gate has been praised as one of the most unique and interesting sculptures in decades, and it was created by sculptor Anish Kapoor.

The Bean Chicago

When it was first unveiled, some called it unimaginative, and that’s how it got the name “The Electric Kidney Bean”. But soon, throngs of people were drawn to it, and “The Bean” became a new symbol of Chicago.

Cloud Gate Facts

It cost $23,000,000 to make this beautiful, shiny, 33 ft monument. The sculptor named it Cloud Gate, because 80% of its shiny surface reflects the sky. And because of the way it bulges and looms over the viewer, it offers a magically distorted view of the surroundings to them, and some even call it a magical rift in the fabric of space and time. A walk under its nine-foot-tall arch can be a mind-bending experience.

The best part of the sculpture for me though, is not the amazing way it reflects the Chicago Skyline. It’s the reaction of the people to it. I came here alone and I’m having so much fun, looking at my reflection and the way others are reacting to it! Everybody here is having fun, making silly faces for everyone else to see! This is so much fun, I feel like an excited pup again! And I don’t even have to ask anyone to take a picture! It’s the perfect spot for a mirror selfie!