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Colours of Nature
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Colours of Nature

Nature Activities | 6-10 yrs | Reading Pod

Take a walk around your neighbourhood. That was easy, wasn’t it? Now, do it again. This time look around at all the different colors you can see in nature. Non-nature things don’t count. For example, don’t use the house, or the sidewalk, or telephone poles, or anything like that.

Walk the same route once again but this time take a pad and a pen or pencil. Write down a color at the top of the page. For example, if the colour you chose is yellow, then on your pad write down everything in nature that is yellow that you can see on your route. Any and all shades of yellow count. See how it works? To complete this nature activity, do this for every color of the rainbow.

How did it go? Did you find all that you were looking for? What color did you see most? Were there any you could not find at all? Do you think wild animals can see as good as you?


  • Pencil
  • Sketch pad

For more interesting Nature activities for kids, visit: https://mocomi.com/fun/nature-activities/


  1. It was a really very fun way of learning.I really enjoyed it.Now if I talk about the activity, it was brilliant and really helpful because my students really enjoyed everything.