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Neighborhood Tree Guide

Nature Activities | 7-9 yrs | Reading Pod

Excerpt: You walk by trees in the neighborhood every day. Learn all about them by studying and creating your own neighborhood tree guide.

To make a neighbourhood tree guide, use the field guide for trees which can be borrowed from a library or even purchased. A tree guide has pictures of a number of trees, descriptions and information about each kind of tree.

Carry the field guide with you when walking in your neighbourhood and see how many trees you can find. Learn the name of each tree with the help of your guide.

Pay close attention to the kind of leaves, seeds and bark each tree has. Which trees have flowers, fruits or nuts? Which trees are home to animals?

As seasons change, keep a record of which trees’ leaves fall or change colour, and which trees are the first to leaf out in the spring.

You can also make your own field guide to trees in your neighbourhood. Your guide could include the name of each tree, a drawing or even a photograph, a leaf from the tree or a tracing of it, information about the tree and details of where in the neigbourhood each kind of tree can be found.

  • Field guide to trees
  • Notebook
  • Pen or marker

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