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Tree Friends
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Tree Friends

Nature Activities | 6-10 yrs | Reading Pod

This is a fun nature activity which will help to develop your sense of touch and smell. Both of these senses, along with all the others are very useful in the natural world. You will need to be around a few trees. A back yard or a park will work well.

As few as two players, or up to about 10 can play this game. Each player chooses a partner. One partner is blindfolded with a bandana or any other handy blindfold. It’s ok to just close your eyes, but no peeking is allowed or the game will not work.

The seeing partner carefully leads the blind partner to a tree. Remember, seeing partner, you are responsible for keeping your partner safe. The blind person then feels the tree with his or her hands. How does it feel? Rough? Smooth? Big? Small? Ridges? Holes? Try to learn as much as you can about that tree with your sense of touch. Then smell the tree. Go ahead, put your nose right up to the bark. It won’t hurt you. How does it smell? Sweet? Sour? Old? New? Like the earth? Like wood?

Now lead the blind person back to the starting spot. Take off the blindfold. The goal in this nature activity is to find the tree. Use your sense of direction, sense of touch, and sense of smell. Once found, reverse roles and let the other partner be blindfolded.


  • A blindfold

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