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Coolest Robots Ever

Technology | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Interactive

6 Awesome Robots in the World

1. The historic robot duck

In 1739, Jacques de Vaucanson invented a robot duck that could mimic the digestive system of a duck. This robot duck created history and revolutionised the science of robotics.

2. Multipurpose Robots

In 2000, Honda Motor Co introduced ASIMO, the most talked about robot till date. ASIMO could perform a wide variety of tasks, like flip on light switches, carry a tray, push a cart or a wheel chair and open doors. It could respond to certain questions and also conduct the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

3. Smartpets

Aibo is a robot dog made by Sony. It can respond to its name and play with a ball. It gets annoyed and lonely if you ignore it. It has the ability to display a wide variety of emotions: it can be happy, sad and surprised.

4. Army robots

The 510 Packbot is a military robot from iRobot which can trace explosives and disarm bombs. The LS 3 dog robot is built by Boston Dynamics to carry packs and heavy equipment across the battlefield.

5. Playmates

‘The Rock Paper Scissors Champ,’ a robot developed by scientists at Ishikawa Oku Laboratory, has not lost a single game of rock, paper, and scissors till date. Using its high speed camera to its advantage, it can predict your move, just before you make it. That’s kind of unfair, isn’t it?

6. Robot Astronaut

Tiny Kirobo is the first humanoid robot in space with speech capability. He asked Santa for a toy rocket last Christmas. He lives on the International Space Station.

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