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Hoverboard – How It Works

Technology | 7-14 yrs

What is a Hoverboard?

Basically a skateboard without wheels, that ‘glides’, ‘hovers’ or ‘flies’ in air.

How does a Hoverboard Work?

  • Using plasmagnetic technology, force field air-cushion technology and electromagnetic technology.
  • Electromagnetic repulsion or magnetic levitation technology: The engine basically uses magnets!
  • A magnetic field in conjunction with electric current is the key.

The Principle :

1. Electric currents and magnetic fields.
2. Similar poles repel each other.
3. Reversing the polarity.

Drawbacks :

The main problem with using this technology is that the coils inducing electricity tend to attain high temperatures in a very short time, and a restricted magnetic track is not exactly hovering freely!

Using Super Conductors?

Use of superconductors may reduce the high temperatures of the coils but a feasible superconductor working on room temperature is yet to be made!

Since this technology is still in its R&D stage, no patented model is out yet. Many experimental boards or prototypes have sprung up, mainly using electromagnetic technology.