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Famous Firsts in World History

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Animation

Top 7 Famous Firsts in History

  1. The First Man made Fire
    1.2 million years ago- Archaeologists have found ash from the first man made fire in a South African cave.
  2. The First Circumnavigation of the Globe
    1522- Ferdinand Magellan’s ship is the first to journey around the entire Earth. Magellan died before he could complete the expedition.
  3. Man’s First Flight
    1903- The Wright brothers, Oliver and Wilbur Wright, built the first aeroplane. Their first flight lasted just 12 seconds. The machine looked more like a glider.
  4. The First Animation Film
    1908- French director Emile Cohl made the first cartoon, Fantasmagorie. It is about the adventures of a stick figure. The cartoon had 700 drawings, but was a little
    more than a minute in length.
  5. The First Video Game
    1958- Physicist Willy Higinbotham invented the first video game, Tennis for Two. Players turned a knob to adjust the ball’s angle. They pushed a button to hit the ball to the other player.
  6. The First Step on the Moon
    1969- Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon. He carried a piece of wood from the first aeroplane, built by the Wright brothers.
  7. The First Smartphone
    1994- Simon, the world’s first smartphone is launched. It had a touchscreen and apps like an alarm clock. It had email, but no internet. It weighed half a kilo!

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