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Study Tips Generator

General Knowledge | 7-12 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Use our study tips generator to improve your study habits. Learn how to study effectively. With these study techniques, you will know how to study for exams and do well in them too.

Study Tips : How to Study Effectively

  1. Switch off gadgets like your cell phone & TV so that you don’t get distracted by them.
  2. Organize your study area and keep enough paper, pens, and pencils ready so that you don’t waste time when you start studying.
  3. Study in advance- don’t wait for the night before the exam- you will remember topics better.
  4. Study subjects you find tough at the time you feel freshest, maybe in the morning.
  5. (Number of days left for the exam / Number of topics) = Time you can spend on each topic
  6. Make a schedule and stick it up, so that you can cross out topics when you finish studying them.
  7. Study subjects which you find difficult first, so that you can finish them off and relax.
  8. Studying maths, exercises a different part of your brain than the one you use for English, for instance, so you can study them one after another.
  9. Try to visualize the points in the topic that you are studying, and relate them like a story, so that you remember better.
  10. Write a topic in your own words so that it’s easier for you to remember.
  11. You can put some soft music on while solving sums so that you don’t get bored.
  12. Use mnemonics so that you can remember formulae etc. Make up a sentence using the first letters of the things that you have to remember.
  13. Here’s one mnemonic you can use- King Hector Doesn’t Usually Drink Cold Milk. (Kilo Hecta Deca Units Deci Centi Mili Metric Units)
  14. To remember the order of the planets, you can use this- Mom Visits Every Monday, Just Stays Till Noon.
  15. Keep a dictionary next to you so that you can look up tough words quickly.
  16. Practice writing answers to questions so that you remember better, and say the words aloud as you write them.
  17. Write down important points on a single paper for each topic, so that it’s easy for you to revise.
  18. Ask your parents to quiz you when you finish a topic, to check whether you know it well.
  19. Allot time according to the marks a question has when you’re doing practice tests.
  20. Time yourself while answering practice tests so that you get comfortable in an exam setting.
  21. Read the question three times so that you know what you need to write in your answer.
  22. Write neatly, so that your answer is easy to read.
  23. Take a short break every time you finish a topic or have studied for an hour.
  24. Get some fresh air during your break so that you recharge your batteries.
  25. Get enough sleep so that you are fresh when you sit down to study.
  26. Eat fruit rather than junk food as that will help you study better.
  27. Relax and take a deep breath. You will do great as you are the best. It is just a test.

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  1. There is an other mnemonics to remember order of planets – My Very Efficient Mother Just Served Us Nuts.