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2050 : The Future of Technology

Technology | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

5 Upcoming Technologies that will change the World!

1. Robot Helpers

They assist senior citizens in moving around. False teeth remind old people that it’s time to take their medicine.

2. Supercomputers

You can download the entire contents of your brain on your smartphone. It processes data so quickly that it tells you bird droppings are going to fall on your jacket before you realise that!

3. Future School

Mostly, your avatar will go to school. You learn while interacting with your teacher online. You will still need to go to school to learn social skills.

4. Hydrogen Fuel

This fuel is generated on large solar farms to power devices from computers to cars. Fossil fuels will be exhausted.

5. Future Clothes

Disposable fashion is in. You can spray on clothes for a perfect fit. Nanotechnology fabrics tell you about changes in your body. They also use your body’s energy to run gadgets.

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  1. This was a good article it gave facts and useful information. And I can’t wait for this technology to come out. I find this amazing what technology is like I love technology. Because one day my career will be a journalist or a technologist one of those two