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Haunted House Story

Mocostar | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Moco Star

Name- Diya Thapar
Class- VI
City- Poona

Diya’s Haunted House Story

There is an incident I would like to share.

I live in Poona and the road to our school has many old bungalows, some of which have been lying vacant for years. One such house my friends said was haunted.

They said there is a man who sits on the roof of the house, he wears a hat and you can see his dark shadow clearly. One night after dinner, i asked my dad to take me for a drive via that route. I carefully looked out of the window and was shocked too see the man on the roof top. He was really there. I was frightened but did not say anything to my dad. I couldn’t sleep all night and kept thinking of the shadow and the darkness outside frightened me even more.

I ran to my parents’ room and narrated the whole story to my mom who was obviously very amused.

She said that it was all rubbish and that she had spent her entire life in the city and never heard of this. She went to the same school as I do and she said she had never seen, heard or noticed any of the stuff.

I still would not listen to her and kept trembling all night.

Next morning mom said she was taking me to the bungalow so i could take a closer look. We went there and she showed me the chimney.

I realized in the dark it was the chimney that looked like the man sitting there with a hat. I was relieved, hugged her and told my friends how silly they were.

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