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The Story of Hans and Gretel

Mocostar | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Moco Star

Name – Harshavardhana Bollampally
Class – V
School – Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad

I will never be Hans’s friend!

One fine day, the mother of a small boy called Hans, asked him to go out. She said to Hans, “Go Hans, go away.” Hans replied positively and agreed to go out.

While leaving the house the mother said to him again, “Behave nicely and be good. Do not disturb any one and be careful that neither you get hurt nor you hurt someone.”

“Yes, I will mother. Do not worry,” answered Hans and went away bidding his mother goodbye.

Hans, after leaving, started to think of a place to go. He thought and thought. Finally he came to a decision. He would visit his friend Gretel’s house.

After reaching, he said, “Good day, Gretel.” Then Hans said, “I want something good from you, Gretel.” So she gave him a bacon. Hans took the bacon and said, “Thank you.”

Then he put the bacon into a hay cart and took it home. After he reached home his mother asked him, “What did you take from Gretel?” He replied that he took a bacon from Gretel. So his mother asked him, “Where is the bacon?” He said that it was in the hay cart. His mother said, :You should keep it on your head, my dear.”

After some days he went to visit Gretel again. After he reached there he asked for something good from her. She said, “I will come with you.” So he took her on his head and got her home.

After reaching home his mother asked him what he had brought, so he said that he had brought Gretel. So she asked, “Where is she?” “I brought her on my head,” he replied.

“That is bad. You should cast friendly loving eyes on her,” said his mother.

So he went to the stable where all the animals were. He went in and killed a cow and took out its eyes and threw  the eyes on her, so she ran away and said, “I will never be Hans’s friend!”

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