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History of Music

History | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Interactive

The Music Timeline (18000 BC to 1952)

18000 BC – The bones of a wooly mammoth were used to make a musical instrument in Ukraine.

4000 BC – Flutes and harps played in Egypt.

2000 BC – The first song was written in cuneiform, in Mesopotamia.

850 BC – Polyphony begins in church choirs – Interweaving many different vocal melodies simultaneously.

800 BC – Choral music develops in Greece. Musicians called Rhapsodes travel across cities.

600 BC – Indian music – the veena appears. It is the ancestor of hollow instruments.

1550 – Renaissance- Violin is made in Italy.

1598 – The first opera is produced.

1685 – Bach and Handel, composers of the Baroque period, are born.

1750 – The Classical period begins, in which Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn hold sway. This period influenced instrumental music.

1780 – Romantic period begins. Music is now lavish and passionate, with startling keys. Wagner and Chopin belong to this era.

1952 – The electric guitar spurs the popularity of rock music.

More Information –
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  1. Thank you for helping me! And special thanks to Mr.Willis for finding out this site for his beginning choir class.