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Mesopotamia Civilization

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Characteristics of Mesopotamian Civilization

“You know, I thought that with the number of lessons you have given me, we would have covered the one that is coming in my test on Tuesday, but I guess not!” Rohan
cribbed to his friend Sir Dig-a-Lot.

“The history of India itself is vast, imagine that of the world. What is the subject of the test?” asked Sir Dig-a-Lot.

“Mesopotamia,” answered Rohan.

“You are going to enjoy this lesson as it is an interesting one. Mesopotamia is known as the ‘cradle of civilizations’ because it was here that people first built large cities, created governments to run the city smoothly and also learn to write.”

“Mesopotamia means the land between rivers as it is the land of the Middle East between two rivers- Tigris and Euphrates. Today, most of this land is in the country of Iraq. The development of cities started when people learnt to grow crops.

The first human civilizations were formed after cities grew bigger and prospered and the people learnt to write. There was a need of a government in order to manage the cities.”

“The Sumerian civilization was the first in the Mesopotamia region. They were the ones to have invented writing and government. They divided regions into cities, each ruled by a king. They are also known to have invented the wheel.”

“I didn’t know that Mesopotamia was such an important lesson in history,” said Rohan.

“All the best for the test,” said Sir Dig-a-Lot and left.

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