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Facts about Ancient China

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Ancient China Facts and History

“Sir Dig-a-Lot, I want to learn about China tonight!” said Rohan.

“Alright, Rohan. China has a history of over 11,000 years. The Xia dynasty existed till 1600 BC. They were great engineers and skilled potters. They introduced a flood controlled irrigation system for better agriculture,” said Sir Dig-a-Lot.

“The Shang Chou dynasty was between 1700-1046 BC. It comprised nobles and poor farmers. This dynasty featured 31 kings in total, the last being King Zhou. Of the six capitals that the Shang dynasty had, Yin was the most important which is Shang dynasty is also known as the Yin dynasty.”

“Zhou dynasty which existed between 1046 to 256 BC was the longest lasting dynasty of ancient China. They brought in, what we now call as modern techniques of farming, education, buildings and political system. This dynasty is also called the classical age.”

“There were warring states between 722 BC and 400 BC with multiple dynasties co-existing. After the disintegration of a powerful dynasty, many kings would become more powerful. This is the era when gunpowder was invented and tea was first tasted, which is a popular drink in China.”

“There were many discoveries and changes in the last era of ancient China which is also called the ‘Golden Era.’ It is when Buddhism gained sway and the foundation of a modern world was laid. With the discovery of ceramics, furniture, gemstones and more, China was all set to enter the medieval period.”

“I think this knowledge about ancient China is enough. Do you agree?”

Rohan smiled and said, “Yes, and I can’t wait to go there!”

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