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What is Telepathy?
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What is Telepathy?

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Telepathy Definition

The ability of reading the others’ mind and communicating information from one’s mind to the other is known as Telepathy. ‘Tele’ means distance and ‘Pathy’ means feelings. Telepathy is a process which allows people to communicate with one another through thoughts without using their five known senses.

How to develop Telepathy?

  • Telepathy happens between two people, the sender – who attempts to send certain thoughts; and the receiver, who tries to receive those thoughts.
  • Telepathy occurs only if both people believe in it and are totally relaxed physically and mentally. Unwanted thoughts, disturbed environment will never allow telepathy to take place. The goal is to relax your mind and body completely.
  • Sit across from one another with your eyes closed and concentrate on transmitting a message or a picture.
  • Telepathy asks for years of practice and experiments. It cannot happen overnight.
  • People who are telepathy masters can transmit messages from any distance.