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How big is the Universe?

Geography | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

The Universe is big, but how big is it?

All the planets, galaxies, stars including you on our very own home planet Earth, make up the Universe as we know it. But exactly how big is this Universe? To understand the cosmology of this majestic Universe, we can always rely on Comparison!

Suppose you are visiting the Himalayas, this is how much you will be able to see yourself from up there!

Himalayas Facts : The Himalayas are the collection of the highest mountain peaks present in Asia. It includes more than 100 peaks and is 7,200 meters above sea level! The true meaning of being at the top of the world!

Is Jupiter the biggest planet?

  • Let us suppose we are able to isolate the planets Earth and Jupiter and place them next to the Sun.
  • This tiny speck is what our Earth looks like in front of the Sun.

Facts about Jupiter : Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system. It is 69,911 kilometer in radius. It is 11 times bigger than the radius of Earth. Over 1,300 Earths would fit inside Jupiter.

The Milky Way Galaxy

Imagine you are swimming in a never ending ocean. You see a small lighthouse and jump on it to take rest. Now think of this large never ending ocean as our home galaxy, Milky way. The tiny light house that you just jumped into, is our entire solar system!

Facts about Milky Way Galaxy : The Milky way, our galactic home, is a collection of various stars and planets and is a bit milky, hence its name. Our solar system resides in one of the arms of this spiral galaxy which has approximately 400 billion stars!

The Local Supercluster

It contains a total of about 1000000000000000 times the mass of the Sun. It is a large group of smaller galaxies including Milky way. Two biggest galaxies known to-date are:

  1. The Milky way
  2. The Andromeda galaxy

Laniakea Supercluster Facts : it contains local group clusters like the one in which Milky way exists!

Observable Universe

  • The size of the observable Universe is 1026. Measured in light-years, it comes out to be 46 billion light years.
  • According to the theory of expansion , it keeps on expanding, and this value keeps on changing over time.

The Universe Circle Fact : Distance between Earth and Sun : 150 million kilometers.

This is just the description of the Universe that can be observed by us using the given technology.
This is how tiny we are that we cannot be depicted graphically on the same plane! Tiny, yet capable of doing great things!

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