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Seven Colours of the Rainbow

Geography | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

How is a Rainbow formed?

Beams of light from the sun fall on the raindrops at such an angle that it separates the colors of sunlight into the seven colors of the rainbow.

What are the Colors of the Rainbow?

Stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, (colours of the rainbow in order) form a beautiful sight, merging the rays of the sun and droplets of rain.

Rainbows are not visible in big cities, due to increasing pollution and smog. But if you happen to travel to the countryside or on hill stations, or the beach, rainbows are more commonly seen here.

What is Primary Rainbows?

We have always learned that rainbows have seven colors and are in the shape of an arc. But this is just one type of rainbow and is known as a Primary Rainbow. They usually occur after a rain shower and are the most common type of rainbow. The intensity of this rainbow color depends on the size of the water droplets.

6 Interesting Rainbow Facts

  1. The common rainbows that appear in the morning and evening need the sunlight to strike the droplets of rain at exactly 42 degrees in order to be formed.
  2. The famous scientist, Isaac Newton, first explained how a rainbow is formed..
  3. When you see a rainbow, the sun is always behind you and it is raining in front of you!.
  4. Rainbow colours – A rainbow is not just made up of the seven colors of VIBGYOR, but also many other colors that are not visible to the naked eye..
  5. You can never reach the point from where the rainbow emerges. As you start walking towards the rainbow, it will seem to move further away..
  6. There are many other kinds of rainbows- secondary, supernumerary, red, lunar, fogbow and twinned.

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