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11 Animals Used in War

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

List of Animals That Went To War

Humans have enlisted animals to help fight their battles since the dawn of war, and today’s militaries use an even wider range of creatures for everything from bomb sniffing to coastline patrolling.


Early mounts could pull a chariot or carry lightly armored skirmishing forces. the horse-mounted cavalry became the most prestigious military arm in Europe for several centuries.
A knight’s warhorse was trained to bite and kick.


As early as 1,100 B.C they were trained to serve as mounts, or for moving heavy loads.


Camels who can withstand traverse sandy deserts were employed in both world wars and still used by Indian Army.


During the Middle Ages, their large size was used to scare horses to throw off their riders or to pounce on knights on horseback, disabling them until their master delivered the final blow.
Canines were also used with explosives strapped to their backs as anti-tank.
In recent times they were trained to spot trip wires, as well as mines and other booby traps.


Elephants became scared by the squeal of a pig and would panic, bringing disaster to any soldiers who stood in their path of flight


Mules are used to carry supplies and equipment over difficult terrain.


US in World war II used Pigeons to guide bombs apart from carrying war messages.


Rat carcasses were filled with plastic explosives, and when these were disposed by shoveling into the furnace, they bombs exploded devastating boiler explosion.


Dolphins use their sophisticated biological sonar to search for mines based on the concept of echolocation.


The U.S. Navy has accordingly trained sea lions as minesweepers that can locate and mark mines few also carry cameras that provide live underwater video

Stinger Bees:

The ancient Greeks and Romans used the insects as tiny weapons of war to deter enemy troop.
Animal-borne bombs have been used by modern terrorists and insurgents in the Middle East, who have affixed explosives to animals, sometimes left wandering alone, and other times ridden by suicide bombers, in modern insurgent attacks in the Middle East.

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