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How to Draw a Butterfly

Drawing | 5-11 yrs | Animation, Video

In this simple step by step guide learn how to draw a butterfly in a simple and interactive way. You just need a red pen and a paper to start drawing a butterfly in the next 2 minutes!

Don’t butterflies look beautiful? They’re simple to draw as well. Read on to know how to draw one.

10 Steps to draw a Butterfly

  1. Draw a circle and section it off with horizontal and vertical lines.
  2. Draw a long oval below this for the butterfly’s body.
  3. Add rings to it to make it look real.
  4. Make two big ovals and extend them to two small semicircles for its wings.
  5. Add its antennae.
  6. Draw its eyes with pupils and add a smile.
  7. Make circles on its wings for spots.
  8. Add clouds in the background.
  9. Watch your butterfly fly away.
  10. Colour it brightly and have fun showing it off to your family and friends.

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