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How to Make a Paper Airplane

Craft Ideas | 7-14 yrs | Learning Pod

Paper Airplane Origami

Paper planes are among the most entertaining paper crafts that any child indulges in while growing up. The best part about these planes is that they are incredibly easy to make and cost close to nothing. But, one must always value the sanctity of a paper airplane. Let us look at some of the rules that are key to making the best paper airplane there is.

Rules :

  • One A4 only! Yes, the best paper planes are made from one single sheet of A4 paper. Try to avoid any additional materials. Skip tape, glue, stapler, all.
  • The sheet is holy. Never-ever tear the A4. You have to fold your way through this wonder. No cutting at all.
  • Forget the beauty, go after the flight. Don’t make folds to make the plane look fancy. The folds should add to the flying ability of your paper airplane. If you are adding a fold for looks, please don’t.
  • Now that we know the dos and don’ts, time to go ahead and make a plane!

The Dart : The dart is the best, most classic paper craft idea of all times.

7 Steps to Make a Paper Airplane

Step 1. Take an A4 sheet of paper.

Step 2. Fold the paper exactly in half, longways. Now, open up the folds. What you will have in front of you is the centre line guide so all your other folds are straight.

Step 3. The next step is to take the dog-ears of the page and fold them inward such that they exactly meet the centre line.

Step 4. Now fold once more and try to divide these dog-ears exactly in half. Make sure that the diagonals meet the middle line.

Step 5. Carefully now refold the centre line so that all the folds that you made are on the outer side.

Step 6. Now make a line and divide both the sides into half. Make folds on both sides and prepare for the wings to stretch out.

Step 7. Boom! Your plane is ready. Send this Dart to fly and see how it soars the sky!

Facts about Paper Airplane

  • It was during the world war II that paper was among the only material available for toy making. This resulted in the popularity of paper modeling.
  • It is said that the Wright brothers used paper planes, wings and airfoils in wind tunnels as part of their quest to build the first powered human carrying airplane.
  • The Project Space Planes team spear headed by Joel Veitch, a British web animator launched a weather balloon carrying a whopping 200 paper planes from a field in Germany all the way into outer space. Once the balloon burst, all the planes raced back to Earth and landed in different parts. They were able to trace these planes as each one carried a tiny Samsung memory card with an individual message.

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