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How to Make a Vuvuzela at Home

Craft Ideas | 7-14 yrs | Learning Pod

Make Your Own Vuvuzela Sound!

What You Need

  • A long cardboard roll, like the one around foil
  • Thick paper
  • A plastic cup with a bottom smaller than the top
  • Strong tape
  • Decorating materials, if you like!

6 Steps to make a Vuvuzela

  1. Cut the cardboard roll along its centre.
  2. Cut the plastic cup’s bottom too.
  3. Then, overlap the cut roll on the cup to create a horn shape.
  4. Cover the open triangular space created with thick paper. Fix it with tape.
  5. Then, wrap tape around the whole horn.
  6. Decorate it with stickers, or make stripes with coloured tape.

How to play a Vuvuzela Horn

  • Purse your lips, like you’ve tasted a sour lemon.
  • Put the horn’s tip in your mouth.
  • Blow hard! Draw air from your cheeks and mouth, not stomach or diaphragm.

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