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Im Dong-Hyun

Sports | 8-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Im Dong-Hyun Profile and Biography

Im Dong-Hyun (May 12th, 1986 – ) is a South Korean archer that will compete at the 2012 London Olympic games on the national team. His name is Dong-Hyun but as Korean tradition dictates, a person’s family name precedes their actual given name. At the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Dong-Hyun set the world record in the 72 arrow men’s individual event with a score of 687. In the first round of men’s individual archery, each competitor must shoot 72 arrows to determine a top score, that will take them into the knock-out rounds.

Although Dong-Hyun placed 6th, and did not qualify for a medal at the same Olympiad in Athens, Dong-Hyun was the youngest male champion in archery arena to win gold as part of the team event. The greatest tit-bit about Dong-Hyun’s achievement is that he has 20/200 vision. It means that what Im can see at 20 feet is what others (with 20/20 vision) can see at 200 feet. It also means that Dong-Hyun is considered legally blind. However he refuses surgery even though many have offered it to him for free.

Dong-Hyun’s precision and capacity for the sport is immense since he has placed on the Olympic team despite his handicap. His extraordinary skill in archery coupled with this amazing story is what makes Im Dong-Hyun a favourite at the London 2012 Olympiad.


The nominal (normal) vision of the human eye is 20/20. Can you find out what this figure means? What is the smallest 20/x fraction that is tested for eyesight?

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