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In My Nursery- Vol 26

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


Who wakes earliest in the morn?
Sure you’ll think it is the lark,
Who before the daylight’s born,
Rises singing through the dark.
But though sweet the lark may carol,
Early to his mate may call,
Johnny Jump-up, Johnny Jump-up,
Carols loud before them all.
Who wakes latest in the night
When the sun is gone to bed,
When each tiny blossom bright
Nods in sleep its pretty head?
Other babies all are sleeping,
Mother’s eyelids droop and fall.
Johnny Jump-up, Johnny Jump-up,
Waketh later than them all.
Johnny’s eyes are very lovely,
Johnny’s eyes are very blue;
But one hardly cares to see them
Snap and dance the whole night through.
Johnny’s laugh is clear and ringing,
Tinkling like a silver bell;
But a child should not be singing
Morning, noon, and night as well.
Johnny Jump-up, Johnny Jump-up,
Rules us with his tiny hand;
Lord and master, king and kaiser,
In the realm of Nurseryland.
Take your pleasure without measure;
Laugh and crow, and whoop and call!
Johnny Jump-up, Johnny Jump-up,
We’re your faithful servants all!


The Outlandishman came o’er the sea, o’er the sea,
In a skipaway flipaway boat;
And who so merry, so merry as he,
As soon as he got afloat?
He sat on the poop to gobble his soup
With a spoon, with a spoon of the best;
And part of his fast he broke on the mast,
And smashed on the bowsprit the rest.
He lowered his line in the deep, in the deep,
And invited the fishlikins up;
Then he hung them in rows in front of his nose,
And wished it were time to sup.
Then the Bottlegreen Bovis arose, arose,
And asked was he game for a fight;
But he seized on the anchor and threw it with rancor,
And the foe-fish retired from sight.
He danced on the deck with never a check
Till the clock, till the clock struck nine.
And his eyes did wink, and he sang “tink a tink!”
In the mowl of the merry moonshine.
Lo! all of these things the Outlandishman did,
As he sailed, as he sailed on the sea.
Yea, more! yea, more! both sorry and sore,
But you never shall learn them from me.

Read more from the PDF above.

Read these beautiful poems and rhymes for kids. List of the poems included in this poem eBook:

  1. Johnny Jump-Up
  2. The Outlandishman
  3. A Sleigh-Ride
  4. The Blinking Bear
  5. The Little Gnome
  6. The Pattypol
  7. The Octopus And Whale
  8. The Linking Gloon
  9. The Baggle, The Wogg, and The Chingo Chee
  10. The Little Dutchess 

You can read the eBook online or download it on your PC and read later using the big red button at the top.

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