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Aesop In Rhyme-08

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


A fool who all had thrown away,
When wandering pennyless one day,
Perceived a swallow. “Ho,” says he,
“Summer is come at last I see!”
And to a Jew his mantle sold.
Next day it was severely cold:
Starv’d as he walk’d, the bird he found
Frozen to death upon the ground.
“Ah! what a fool was I,” he cried,
“When on one swallow I relied!”

Those who too readily believe,
For their credulity may grieve.


The wise well know their force to weigh,
Nor what they cannot do, essay.

A carrion crow an eagle saw
Seize on a lamb with beak and claw.
Conceiving he could better do,
He pounces on a well fed ewe;
[172]But he and not the sheep was caught;
For when to fly with it he sought,
His feet entangled in the wool,
The shepherd seiz’d the helpless fool.


In wantonness a shepherd’s boy
Alarm’d the neighbor’s with his cry;
“The wolf! the wolf!” And when they came,
Of their lost labor made his game.
At last the wolf when there indeed,
His real cries they did not heed;
[174]He and his flock a prey were made,
And for his lies he dearly paid.

Those who are known to have deceiv’d,
When they speak truth, are not believ’d.

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