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Indian Army Day
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Indian Army Day

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We are safe in our homes because there are men protecting us, guarding the borders of our nation and keeping the enemies away- yes, they are the Indian Army men.

They are courageous men in olive green who have made the nation proud and filled our heart with pride and gratitude.

When was Indian Army formed?

The Indian Army was formed in 1776 under the British Government. It originated from the armies of the East India Company, which eventually became the British India Army. It was only in 1949 when Lt. General Cariappa (later Field Marshal) took over as the Commander-in- chief from the British Government that the Indian Army was formed and Army Day was celebrated.

On this day parades and military shows take place in the National Capital- New Delhi. This special day also marks a day to salute all valiant, heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our nation and the people of this country.