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Fastest Goal Ever!
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Fastest Goal Ever!

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Fastest Goal in the Football History

It was a Saudi domestic game and the FIFA confirmed that it was the fastest goal ever made in the history of football.

The official log of this goal was just two seconds. This surprised the opposition goal keeper as well as the camera person who could only catch the ball once inside the net.

Who scored the Fastest Goal in the world?

Saudi Arabian football player Nawad Al Abed spotted the opposition goal keeper just off the goal line. It was quick thinking on his part and intelligence that he took a shot direct from the centre circle. The ball ended up in the net at just 2.4 seconds and gave Al Hilal a 4-0 victory.

Though it is Danish international, Nicklas Bendtner who technically holds the record for the fastest goal at 1.8 seconds in the Premiere League.

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