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Why does time seem to pass at different speeds?

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

Time has always fascinated man. Early civilisations first divided the day based on light and dark. They constructed sun dials to calculate the movement of the sun and hence time. As thinking and understanding progressed, days were divided into hours and minutes and seconds, even nano seconds.

But did you think, how time sometimes goes by really fast or really slow? And how you cannot measure it in hours or minutes?

Have you noticed how…
Time sometimes seems to go by really fast
And sometimes really slow

So, does time move at different speeds?

Time always moves one second per second.

It moving slow or fast depends on how your brain experiences it.

Time or your experience of it slows down when you encounter a boring moment. When you are not doing anything in particular, boredom draws your attention to time and gives you the feeling of time slowing down.

Time tends to fly when you are experiencing fun moments and do not think about time or pay any attention to it. The amount of time you have spent might be the same as a boring moment you’ve had earlier but you have so much fun that you do not realise how time passed by.

So times doesn’t fly or stand still. Time always continues at the same speed. It is your experience of time that makes it seem to go by slow or fast.

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