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More Science in Art

Chemistry | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Design your own T-Shirt with the help of Science

Eeshan said, “Let us make our very own t-shirt.”

Martin said, “How are we going to do that?”

Eeshan smiled and said, “Nitin, can you get me a plain white t-shirt, all the permanent markers you have and the rubbing alcohol from your father’s medicine cabinet. Also, get me a plastic bag and a dropper.”

Nitin gave these to Eeshan. Eeshan cut the bag from one side and placed it between the two layers of the t-shirt. He drew patterns and concentric circular dots, using different coloured permanent markers.

He poured the rubbing alcohol in the dropper and said, “You should be careful with the rubbing alcohol, it will burn if you touch your eyes with it. With the technique of chromatography, I am going to make you a t-shirt with an exclusive design!”

As he added drops of rubbing alcohol on the colour, they saw a beautiful pattern emerge. “How did you do that?” asked Martin.

Eeshan explained, “Although permanent ink does not dissolve in water, it will dissolve in alcohol. As the alcohol gets absorbed into the fabric of the shirt, it carries the molecules of colour with it. When the ink evaporates, the colour is left behind. Here, you try!”

Nitin and Martin took turns and made a t-shirt with beautiful patterns. Eeshan said, “Just ask your mother to wash it with coloured clothes. So, do you still want to quit the class, Martin?”

Martin smiled and said, “I am going to wear this t-shirt to class and surprise the others with my knowledge. Thanks, Eeshan!”

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