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Science is Magic

Chemistry | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

On the evening of Martin’s birthday, almost the entire class was invited. The party was at Martin’s father’s estate so there was plenty of space. However, the children started to get bored and began leaving.

Martin went to Eeshan and said, “They are leaving. How do I make them stay? They are getting bored.”

Eeshan said, “Don’t worry. Einstein Iyengar has a gift for you and it will make everyone stay and enjoy!”

Eeshan set out a table in the middle of the room and wore a long hat and a cape. Nitin was also similarly dressed and he gathered everyone around the table. Eeshan spoke to the group of children gathered around the table, “How about we burn some money?”

Burn Money Without Damage

Eeshan dipped a 10 Rs. note in a liquid mixture. He held the note in the air while Nitin lit it with a matchstick. The note burned till the end but nothing happened to it. Instead, it was just wet!

“How did you do that?” many children asked.

Eeshan said, “The mixture was alcohol and water. When I dipped the note in the mixture it got soaked in alcohol and water. After burning it, the alcohol in the mixture burned out and the water film put out the fire and didn’t let the note burn out. What we have now is a damp note.”

The children enjoyed the party and the trick was the talk of the evening. Every child in the party tried the trick so they could dazzle their parents at home. Martin thanked Eeshan for a wonderful birthday surprise and for saving the party!

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