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Can Sound Move Objects?

Experiments | 7-13 yrs | Video


  • A sheet of plastic
  • An elastic band
  • A bowl
  • Rice
  • Music Speaker


Put the rice on the bowl after you cover it with a plastic sheet and secure it with a rubber band. Play music loudly and bring the speaker near the rice. You will see that the grains of rice start dancing.


The loud music produces noise which vibrates. This makes the air vibrate as well, producing sound waves. When these waves hit the bowl, the bowl vibrates, making the rice jump about.

TRY THIS Do this experiment- can sound move objects. You will find out what happens.Try making music by putting different items like peas in cans and shaking them. See whether your friends can guess what you’ve used. Try out our other experiments for even more fun. Learn more about sound waves on our site.

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