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How do firecrackers pollute the environment?

Environment | 6-12 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Why celebrate special occasions by polluting the environment?
Is poisoning the air and water a patriotic way to celebrate Diwali? Or New Year?

Fireworks pollute and damage our planet in many ways. This Diwali, make a conscious choice to celebrate in different ways that don’t involve bursting crackers.

5 Ways fireworks damage the environment

1. Manufacturing

Fireworks use plastic, paper and cardboard – which are not eco friendly and are made at factories that pollute the environment and often engage in child labour.

2. Transportation

Fireworks sustain the transport industry in a big way. From distribution by planes, boats and and trucks to local collection at retail stores, fireworks contribute to the pollution caused by vehicles. And don’t forget that the consumer drives to purchase the fireworks, sometimes hundreds of miles to another state to bypass local restrictions.The waste generated by non-biodegradable accessories used during the worship.

3. Air Pollution

The smoke from fireworks consists mainly of fine toxic dusts (particulate matter) that can easily enter the lungs. This represents a real threat for people with asthma and for children. Additionally, in this time where the issues of climate change and global warming are being presented with a sense of urgency, we need to be concerned about the greenhouse gases fireworks produce, which include Carbon dioxide (CO2) and ozone.

4. Water Pollution

Fireworks fallout can contaminate water supplies and residue on the ground can be carried away by rain and end up in our lakes, rivers, or oceans.

5. Noise Pollution

Fireworks are loud and the vibrations can travel far. These sounds are not only annoying to humans but also affect animals and pets.

Suggested Activity : Take a Stand against Fireworks

  • Refuse to celebrate your festivals with crackers.
  • Do not attend outdoor fireworks displays and encourage others to do the same.
  • Educate others by sharing the polluting dangers of fireworks.