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8 Parts of Speech

Grammar Worksheets | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

What are the Parts of Speech?

We speak and use so many words in our everyday life. All these words and expressions that we use in English language come from the eight parts of speech in English grammar. Words are categorized in these eight parts of speech, based on how they are used and their functions.

Parts of Speech with Examples

Let us look at these parts of speech one by one

1. What is a Noun?

Words that are used to name any person, place, animal, plant, idea, event. This is the simplest of all parts of speech.
Examples of Proper Nouns

  • Hanuman is a monkey God.
  • Here the words Hanuman, monkey and God are Nouns.

Nouns can be of different types: Proper nouns, common nouns, collective nouns or abstract nouns.
Examples of Proper Nouns

  • Today is the final T20 match.
  • T20 is a noun as it is an event.

2. What are Pronoun?

These are words that we use in place of nouns.
Examples of Pronouns

  • Isha is a very sweet girl. She shared her lunch with me today.
  • Here ‘She’ is a pronoun which we are using in place of the noun ‘Isha’.
  • We are going to play.
  • We is a pronoun here.

3. What is an Adjective

Any word that is used to describe a noun or a pronoun is called an adjective. They can specify quality, number or size of a noun or pronoun.
Examples of Adjective

  • I have two pets. Here ‘two’ is an adjective.
  • Adjectives answer the questions which? What kind? How many?
  • Wow! They just ate the biggest pizza. ‘Biggest’ is an adjective here.

4. What is a Verb?

Words that express action or state of being are known as verbs. This is the most important part of speech as without a verb a sentence will not be complete.
Examples of Verb

  • Daisy ran as soon as she saw her master. Here ran and saw are both verbs and show action.
    Examples for State of being: are, is, were, am, was
  • They are always talking in class. Here ‘are’ and ‘talking’ are both verbs.

5.What is a Adverb?

Any word that modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb is known as adverb. They describe adjectives, verbs or any other adverb.

Examples of Adverb

  • Sheela sang melodiously. Melodiously is an adverb.
  • Adverbs answer the questions how? When? Where? How much? Why?
  • I looked everywhere but could not find my book. ‘Everywhere’ is an adverb.

6. What is a Preposition?

These are words that specify a location or location in time. They show the relationship of a noun or pronoun with some other words in a sentence means Preposition.
Examples of Preposition

  • The book is lying under the table. ‘Under’ is a preposition.
  • The honeybee sat on the flower. ‘On’ is a preposition.
  • Across, around, behind, above, inside, outside are few examples of preposition.

7. What is a Conjunction?

That part of speech which joins words, phrases or clauses together is known as conjunction.
Examples of Conjunction

  • And, yet, but, for, or, so, nor are all conjunctions.
  • Thank you for such a long and soothing spa. ‘And’ is a conjunction here
  • I wanted to go shopping but it rained so heavily. ‘But’ is a conjunction.

8. What is a Interjection?

Words that express strong emotions are called interjections. These words are always followed by an exclamation mark.
Examples of Interjection

  • Ouch! That hurt. ‘Ouch’ is an interjection
  • Wow! Hurray! Enough! Yes! Are some examples of interjections
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