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Popcorn Relay Race
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Popcorn Relay Race

Outdoor Games | 6-10 yrs | Reading Pod

Fancy footwork is the ticket to success in this event.


  • Plastic or paper cups
  • Nails
  • Thick rubber band
  • Big bag of popcorn
  • Shallow boxes


Before playing the Popcorn Relay Race game, ensure that each team has a pair of plastic or paper cups. Pierce a small hole in the center of each cup bottom. Push one end of the rubber band through the hole and into the cup. Use the paper clip to hold the rubber band inside the paper cup and gently pull the other end till the clip rests on the bottom of the cup.

(The rubber band is to be worn around the ball of the foot, holding the cup in place atop a player’s shoe)

Draw two lines a few meters apart, and then place the shallow boxes some distance away. Once that is done, divide the players into teams. Every team member stands one behind the other. A designated member of the team gets to fill up the cups with popcorn for each player. This team member will stand alongside their teams, behind the start-line.

The first team member at the line needs to slip the pop-corn filled cups over their shoes. As the whistle blows, they must sprint to the appropriate box and empty the cups into it, trying to lose a little popcorn along the way and then run back and tag the next teammate in line to do the same.

Once a set of rounds have been completed, go back to check the boxes, the team with the most popcorn in the box wins the game.

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