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Kite Flying
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Kite Flying

Outdoor Games | 6-10 yrs | Reading Pod

How to Fly a Kite?

Kite flying is a lot of fun, especially on a windy day. Selecting an open field is the best place to fly a kite.

To fly a kite you need a friend to be with you to help get the kite up in the air. By holding the ball of the string, ask your friend to hold the kite or vice-versa. Unwind anywhere between 20-30 metres of string, depending upon how strong the wind is blowing.

When you think the conditions are ideal, signal to your friend to release the kite and when this is done, pull on the string to launch the kite into the air. Pay close attention to where the wind is blowing.

If you want your kite to go even higher, release some more string. To lower the kite, simply pull back on the string.

More Information :
Here’s a fun craft activity lesson on how to make a kite.