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Kick The Can
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Kick The Can

Outdoor Games | 6-11 yrs | Reading Pod

You’ll need a can for this variation on Hide and Seek. Kick the can works best with at least three players. One person is designated ‘it’ and will guard the can, which is set in an open space. While the other players hide, the den counts to a number (like 20) while everyone else hides. The person who counted must now try and find the other players.

Once a person is found, the den must run to the can and kick it before the found player. He must race against the found player to do so. If the found player kicks the can first, then the den must start counting and all the other players get to hide again. If the den kicks the can first, the hider is caught. If the den finds everyone, he wins the game and the first hider that was caught becomes the den.

Tunnel Tag — When tagged, you freeze and someone has to crawl between your legs to free you. Shadow Tag — When “it” steps on your shadow, you become “it.

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