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Prohodna Cave

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Prohodna Cave in Bulgaria

Are you wondering who those glowing eyes behind me belong to? They’re openings on the ceiling of Cave Prohodna, one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. It lies 2 km away from Karlukovo Village and 112 km away from Sofia.

The Eyes of God

Prohodna Cave is a natural 262 m long rock bridge with two entrances connected by a path. The large entrance holes on the ceiling make it a well-lit, and mystical cave. In fact, these cave holes are precisely what the cave is famous for. The shape and placement on the holes make them look like giant eyes. And the locals refer to them as The Eyes of God or The Eyes of the Devil. Seen from a particular angle, they even resemble a face that is looking down, and when it is wet it seems as if the giant being is “crying”. I’m as astonished as anybody by this mystical natural phenomenon. The mystical allure of the place makes it a popular location for tourists, and even film makers.

I was so excited to hear that I can Bungee jump from the “eyes” of the cave! It’s a little creepy, but also very exciting! Prohodna Cave seems to be a popular destination for climbers. The routes here are some of the hardest in Bulgaria!

Do you know the best thing about this place? It’s the office building of the Peter Tranteev National Speleological Society that is built in a crevice in a rock here. The office building of the speleological society looks like a bat, if seen from above, and a path from the office directly leads to the cave! How awesome is that? And, the office building also offers a view of the valley of the Iskar River and Prohodna Cave.

Another great thing about this place is that the cave is open for tourists all year round. And you don’t even need a guide. The locals tell me that in winter, huge icicles form on the ceilings, and the surface of the cave gets rather slippery.