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Stubbs The Cat Mayor

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

A cat selfie! And not just any cat – I’m with Stubbs, the famed cat mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska.

Is there a Cat as a Mayor in Alaska?

On my trip to Alaska, I heard rumors of a town that had a cat for a mayor and I just had to check it out. On coming here, I found out that the cat-mayor lives in a general store, which doubles as his mayoral office. It’s like nothing I’ve heard before and I just had to see him for an autograph.

Stubbs The Cat is easy going and has none of the super-important person air about him. I even joined him for his routine drink of water from a catnip-laden wine glass at a nearby restaurant. A nice fellow overall. We get along fine now that he knows I’m nothing like the dog who mauled him a couple of years ago.

I asked him how he handles being the mayor of a human town, to which he didn’t respond, merely meowed, stretched and looked away. The folks here have mixed opinions on his mayoral status. Some of them told me I’m foolish to believe that a cat can be a mayor. I wanted to hear it from Stubbs himself, so I asked him how he would respond to comments about him being a fake mayor. He responded by looking me in the eye and settling down for a nap. I get the feeling the topic is taboo with him.

Ah well, mayor or not, he’s a nice cat to hang out with. And whether or not the rumors are true, his mayoral status has definitely helped the town’s tourism! He even gets fan mail, and has fans and supporters all over the world. This is one lucky cat!