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Frederik The Great Horse

Selfie With Sam | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

One of the best things about being a traveler is that you get to meet some truly beautiful creations of God. One such creation is Frederik the horse. When I heard that he is the most handsome horse in the world, I just had to see for myself. And what I heard was right! In all my travels I’ve come across few horses that can compare to Frederik the great. He is one handsome horse!!

World’s Most Handsome Horse!

Frederik the Great is a Friesian stallion who shares his name with a Persian king. He’s a stud at the Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozark Mountains in the United States. With his muscular build and lustrously billowing black mane, he turns heads with every sprint, every gallop. His mane seems to read his moods, making sure he never has a bad hair day. Some people even compare him to romance novel heartthrobs! Well, he sure drives the fillies wild.

Why is Frederik the Great Horse popular?

So popular is this horse that he has his own Facebook fan page, with a following of more than 48,000! That’s way more than the Persian king he was named after! Frederik’s an equestrian performer as well, with fans eagerly awaiting his arrival in their city. He’s also a favorite model-cum-inspiration for photographers and artists alike. In fact, there are several fan-arts dedicated to this handsome stud. I’m going to try and catch his performance live at his next show!