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Being responsible with money!

Ask Coley | 10-13 yrs | Video, Animation

Where does money come from?

Who doesn’t love to get a toy that they were eagerly awaiting or a nice pair of shoes? But have you ever wondered where does money come from? From our parents? How do they get it? From the ATM? From the bank? Well, they work very hard for it and bank just keeps them safe.

How can you be responsible with money?

You can get all you want if you plan the way you want to spend the money that your parents give you.

Make a wish list –

1) Make a wish list which will have all the items that you want for yourself.

2) Rank them in order of what is the most important item for you.

3) Spend money on the items that are ranked higher on the list.

How to save money?

Don’t spend all the money you have as soon as you get it. Create a budget, spend it only on the items that are top ranked on your wish list. Set aside the remaining money (in your piggy bank!).

Once you save enough money, spend it on the rest of the items you have mentioned in your wish list. This way you will get all that you want. Money can be used not just to buy things you like but also to help people. You can always donate a portion of your allowance to a charity that is important for you (like helping hurricane survivors!)