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Thor’s Well, Oregon

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Thor’s Well, Gateway to the Underworld

A while back I heard that there’s a mysterious hole in the Oregon that’s draining the sea. Naturally I had to see for myself so here I am. On the Oregon coast, looking at something that seems to be from a fantasy movie – a huge hole in the sea that seems to endlessly drain the Pacific Ocean. In fact, Thor’s well is also called the drainpipe of the Pacific Ocean!

Cape Perpetua, Yachats

Thor’s well lies along the coastline of Cape Perpetua, a forest headland projecting into the Pacific Ocean. The land is managed by The U.S Forest Service and along the coastline are many bizarre and beautiful sights to see. Thor’s well is one of them.

How deep is Thor’s Well?

It’s a natural fountain that sucks in water from the sea and then spouts it right back into the air, a good 20 feet up, which is also how deep it is. It’s pretty difficult to spot when it isn’t doing its fountain thing, because it’s basically a hole in the rocks. But once you do find it, the terrifying and exhilarating magic begins.

Interesting Facts about Thor’s Well

Thor’s well is a sight to behold, but not for the faint of heart. It is incredibly dangerous to around here with the waves rushing in, to be drained into this seemingly endless hole. But I’m told the hole isn’t endless – it IS 20 feet deep though, so that’s pretty much a permanent departure for anyone who falls in. So be extremely careful if you aim to approach it! That said, brave photographers are always inching closer to get that magical shot of the drainpipe of the Pacific Ocean. Although the hole offers its best views in times of high tide, those also happen to be times when the well is at its most dangerous. So always approach with caution!