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What are Dreams?

Biology | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

We go through various stages of sleep, one of which is the rapid – eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. It is during this stage that dreams mainly occur. During this stage the brain is highly active and resembles the state of being awake.

How often do we Dream?

An average person can see three to five dreams per night. It is said that during a full eight hour night’s sleep, a person may spend two hours of it dreaming. The dreams tend to last longer as the night progresses.

According to a study, five minutes after the end of a dream, 50% of the dream is forgotten and ten minutes after the end of a dream, 90% of the dream is forgotten.

Direct Messages from God?

People in ancient times thought that dreams are direct messages from God, or from our dead ancestors. They believed that the soul moves out of the body during sleep and visits places and persons that the dreamer sees in his sleep.

Good Dreams and Bad Dreams

They even believed that sometimes the God of dreams actually carries the dreamer. They would divide their dreams into good dreams which they believed were sent by the gods and bad dreams believed to have been sent by the demons.

Why do we Dream?

They looked upon their dreams as omens or prophecies. Now, many believe that dreams are a result of our anxieties or what has happened to us during the day.

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