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Who Invented School?

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Hasn’t school been with us since mankind started learning? Our forefathers went to school. Did someone really invent school?

Schools have been around the world since thousands of years. Earlier there were no formal schools as we have today. People used to pass on knowledge to their family members- this was teaching. The skills a family knew were passed on to the young generation to carry it forward. For example a potter taught his children pottery or a farmer taught farming to his children.

What is School?

Over a period of time population grew and societies formed. There emerged a need for formal and basic education. A need for place where knowledge, values, skills and traditions could be transferred to the next generation emerged. So there used to be a teacher who used to teach language, religion, mathematics, traditions and values to a small group of students. In India it was the Gurukul system of education. Islamic states had Madrassa. Rome, ancient Egypt and the Chinese also had similar systems.

As time went on there came a requirement for rooms where many students could come and study. In the United States, the first public school started in the seventeenth century. After the American Revolution, getting educated became top priority.

Who and Why Invented School?

In Massachusetts, there was a man named Horace Mann who was the Secretary of Education. He started the Normal School system for professional teachers who would teach a particular set of curriculum to students. Different age groups will have different curriculums. There will be grading, examination and promotions for students. This is the reason why Horace Mann is also regarded as the man who invented schools. As this began, there were improvements in the education system giving way to the high education standards we have today.

5 Fun Facts about Schools Around the World

  1. In Russia, schools always start on September 1st (Knowledge Day), even if it is a weekend.
  2. For Dutch children school is not compulsory till 5 years of age.
  3. Finnish school are the best in the world. They do not have tests till 12th year.
  4. Japanese kids have to clean their own classrooms!
  5. French schools have nutritionists and chefs and children get served a 3 course meals at lunch.

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  1. This gave birth to the education system. While India was blessed with a Gurukul education system to educate the kids, Islamic States had Madrassa while other countries like Rome, Ancient Egypt and the Chinese also had similar systems.

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