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Who Invented Television?

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

History of Television Invention

Have you ever wondered about life without television? What if you cannot watch any of your favourite shows- only listen to the radio for some entertainment! We should be thankful to Philo Farnsworth for inventing the first all-electronic television.

Philo Farnsworth

Philo was always intrigued by machines. When he was still a kid, scientists were talking about inventing a ‘television’; a machine which will have sound and moving pictures. He had the idea of how to invent such a machine- he knew he had to break images into parallel lines of light, capture them, transmit them as electrons and then reassemble them for people to watch. But he did not have the resource or money. Philo went on to work as a radio mechanic but dreamt of inventing the TV. It was when he was in California, he discussed this idea with few businessmen who invested money and after years of failed attempts, Philo finally invented the first all-electronic television set. He broadcasted the image of his wife, the motivation behind his invention on 25th August, 1934.

John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird is the person who is given credit for inventing the television for the very first time. He experimented in an attic room in London for years until he succeeded in transmitting an old, moving, grayscale image of a talking ventriloquist dummy on a screen in 1925. He called it ‘the Televisor’.

By 1930, Baird had managed to develop a system to broadcast simultaneous sound with the images. Baird’s television was mechanical in design. The transmission composed of as less as 30 parallel lines compared to the many pixels we have today. It resulted in small, fuzzy images on the screen.

But the Television was here to stay. It gained popularity among scientists and investors and improvements started happening in a fast paced manner.

The basis of all modern television and cameras, the cathode ray tube, was invented by Ferdinand Braun. This tube would change the electronic lines into moving pictures and better clarity. Today this has been replaced by thinner screens that use liquid crystal display, LCD and plasma, thus making our TV viewing more enjoyable and entertaining.

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