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Book Review : Young Chefs by Vikas Khanna

Writers | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Does your mom ever tell you that cooking is no child’s play? She is worried because you might get a cut while chopping or a burn while cooking. But here is a way to show adults that, with supervision, even cooking can be made into a fun session.

This charming book is called ‘Young Chefs’ and is by celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, one of the judges of Junior Masterchef India.

It is sure to inspire you to try your hands at cooking some delicious treats.

This book gives you a crash course on getting started as a little chef. All the recipes featured in the book are made by kids like you! .

You can show off your lunchbox at school by making the simple lunchbox recipes. You can impress your grandparents by waking up early and cooking yummy breakfast bites.

Wow your parents by cooking some exotic main course dishes like Jambalaya. You can bake some mouthwatering desserts like lemon and lime cake with your brother or sister. A pink lemonade will refresh you after you’ve played with your friends in the park.

If you’re not confident about cooking, don’t worry. There are easy recipes fruit bars, fresh tomato pasta, toffee popcorn and even a no-bake cake! Difficult food items like chicken tikka masala or vegetable tarts will be easy to cook with these recipes.

The big photos and the step-by-step guide for each recipe in the book would make you rush to put on your apron and start trying them out. Some recipes have warning signs in red, which means, you need to call an adult for help.

Apart from the recipes, Chef Vikas Khanna also shows the different cooking tools like a spaghetti claw, with illustrations. He explains the different ways of cooking, from stir- fry to dry- roasting.

Enjoy making and eating the dishes in this book and you will benefit from the tips on healthy eating and kitchen hygiene.

The book is in hardcover, on glossy paper, so it will last even if you take it in the kitchen.

Young Chefs, Vikas Khanna (Dorling Kindersley, 144 pages, Rs. 499)

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