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Akbar Birbal: Akbar’s Dream

Akbar Birbal Stories | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

One night, Emperor Akbar dreamt that he had lost all his teeth, except one. He was greatly disturbed with the strange dream. The next morning he summoned all the astrologers of his kingdom and asked them to interpret his dream.

All the astrologers held a meeting and after a long discussion, the astrologers prophesied that his dream was an indication that all his relatives would die before him.
Akbar was greatly distressed by this interpretation and so he sent away all the astrologers without any reward.

Later that day, the Emperor happened to meet Birbal. He narrated his dream to Birbal and asked him to interpret it. He also told him what the astrologers had told him.

Birbal thought for a while and said, “It means, Alampanah, you will live a longer & more fulfilled life than any of your relatives.”

Akbar cheered up when he heard Birbal’s version and rewarded him handsomely.

Birbal had also conveyed the same thing as the astrologers to the Emperor, but in an intelligent manner.

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