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Benefits of eating watermelon

Ask Coley | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

What makes watermelon a cool fruit?

Apart from being delicious, watermelons are a great summer fruit you can enjoy to beat the heat. They also have some amazing health benefits which are as follows:

6 Amazing health benefits of watermelon

1. Hydration :-

Watermelon has a 92% of water content. This makes it hydrating and helps you feel full.

2. Nutrients :-

Watermelon contains, vitamin A, E, C, Lycopene which gives a red colour and is linked to many health benefits. Watermelon is a low-calorie fruit high in some nutrients, especially carotenoids, vitamin C and cucurbitacin E.

3. Potential to prevent cancer :-

Some compounds in watermelon, including cucurbitacin E and lycopene, have been studied for their potential to prevent cancer.

4. Good heart health :-

Watermelon has several heart-healthy components, including lycopene, citrulline and other vitamins and minerals.

5. Good skin and hair :-

Several nutrients in watermelon are good for hair and skin. while others protect against sunburn.

6. Healthy digestion :-

Fibre and water are important for healthy digestion. Watermelon contains both.